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World Cup Summary Brought to You From Our Studio In Warri Pidgin

World Cup 2018

This na world cup summary wen we promise una from only blog with broadcasting rights for this world cup.. If una dey doubt check www.transmission/transformer/

Warri oooooo.. I greet una.. I too believe una ministry… If dem give una chance to sell Nigeria go be small thing… Una too get woofing.. Wetin.. I dey pass Ugboroke one street for Warri City.wen i see two guys dey argue.. Wetin happen ? Dem come judge give me say………just calm down first, Make we do our daily waff news update in langua first


Super Eagles world cup kit 2018

Na our own Warri boy with itseke blood na design the make brain attire.. As dem no gree praise d brus we don do am here… Area !!! ..


Prediction ogwori (pig) Marcus

octopus paul don get remix ooo… One ogwori (pig) Marcus wen predict say Trump go win election don predict say our own super eagles go reach semi finals.. If e correct gud for am.. Bt if e fail na better ukodo our boys go use am run…. We dey watch sha


Kingdom of pharoahs

Egypt don become d safest country in Africa according to one new poll.. Make una nor bother ask me because I nor see Naija for the list.. Una fit check sha nothing does u…


Dem say guys dey put beads for their atm card now for maximum withdrawal.. If u understand wetin i mean u understand..if u nor understand then contact me when u reach 18 years.. I nor know wer we dey go for this life ooo. D yeye things people dey invent everyday.. Anyway sha the bible nor promise us sodom and Gomorrah remix….


World Cup Summary Between Russia and Saudi Arabia

World cup update… A. Garzinsky don score the first goal for this world cup.

D match of today btw Russia and Saud Arabia remind me of monkey post for primary school in those days… Russia na very wicked country.. Those people no get joy ooo.. Dey just settle down thrash their fellow men 5 zero.. The zero get okpolor eye ooo… E be like say na d moon wen dem no quick see wen come extend the fasting na im affect Saudi Arabia..By their next match dem go don dey gallant well.. For the records this na the biggest opening day scoreline for world cup history..

Denis cheryshev na the leading goal scorer na with two goals..But we know say d real owners never show face.. I greet una..


Back to our gist.. Una nor believe say d reason two men wen carry big head dey fight na say half a million and five hundred thousand which one big pass……Warri I hail una..

Make una nor forget to check for more updates in langua on a daily… I greet una


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