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Why Relationship End

Have you ever looked at two lovers and thought in your head ” how do they do it”? ‘‘How is it that they have stayed together for so long despite the huge challenges that have threatened their union”? If you have, then it’s because you have seen other relationships failed over less or similar challenges.

These questions make it clear that there are must be certain factors that qualify a relationship as resilient, strong and enduring?

Truthfully, there are no easy answers to why some relationships stood the test of time and why some relationship crashed even when the people involved were madly in love and had great romantic experiences.

From research,  it is quite obvious that there are factors that play a great role in strengthening relationships, these factors improve the quality of the relationship and cause the union between both partners to stand the test of time and even when the relationship is faced with survival-threatening problems.

Let’s take a look at some of the characteristics of resilient relationships.

  1. A slow erosion of the relationship:

Have you ever heard of this cliche ”we grew apart” or  ”we no longer met one another’s needs” that’s a classic line which is peculiar to an eroded relationship.

Somehow the union, bond, and affection shared by couples in love suddenly end because both partners got caught up in their separate world and forgot the love spices that made their union blossom in pure romance and ecstasy was lost and before they knew it, they were at each other throats.

  1. Traumatic, or otherwise powerful, incident that destroys the relationship:

A traumatic experience has a huge effect on relationships because these incidents are unplanned, so they come as a shock. Only people with a matured and understanding heart can take the shock and negativities that come with the bad experience.

Incidents like this may include the death or injury of a child, the betrayal of being cheated on, prolonged personal illness, religious shifts, financial or economic difficulty or constraints, etc.

  1. Competition:

Relationships are built on care, love, affection, spending quality time together. However, if anything competes with these, no matter how noble the task is, then there is a vacuum in the heart of the other partner.

When the vacuum is not filled with love and affection by the more sensitive partner then that relationship is headed for a crash and bound to fail.

It is very important that constant communication is done when there is an introduction of something new in a relationship.


Remember that any failed relationship had a root cause and to prevent relationships from failing, one should be sensitive enough to see the signs and treat the root cause from the early stages before it develops long and strong roots which might be too late to uproot.

Communication is the first and most important ingredient that is needed to save any failing relationship or union. Learn to communicate using the best words in driving your point home so that your partner or spouse can understand in clarity the realities the issues or challenges that the union is going through.





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