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Warri Pidgin English News/my waffizites waffarians area… How una dey..

Warri Pidgin English News

Waffzites gudaftanun o.. how una dey

na the news in original warri pidgin we wan give una, so make una follow-up with the langua and slangs when we take dey represent for this side of the world. Warri na a nation of of its own because if you ask any warri boy na the same answer dem go give you. the news dey bottom of this intro.


Yahoo messenger

Yahoo messenger go shut down officially on the 17th of next month..i know say we nor fit forget how we dey save doh to go cafe go check email…that year if you nor get yahoo mail na to hide ur face ooo


Former Governor Dariye sentenced to 14 years jail term

Former plateau state prefect Joshua Dariye don get free ticket to okere for 14 years for ..e crime na say e koloby 1.1 billion …Oga con dey beg say make dem forgive am.. Say prison too full… Oga enjoy ur stay..u fit be Joseph naaa. Come out become presido

Denrele baiday

Denrele d very first bobrisky dey celebrate im bday.. Oga nor think of any better thing to do e go release naked photo…. Fourteen years dey wait una oo


President Buhari Apologizes to the family of MKO

Still on d june 12 marra.. Presido yesterday tell MKO Abiola family sorry on behalf of Fg.. Base on the election wen dey use magu magu cancel in 1993..

Senatr don tell inec to show d result of that election.. And make dem declare Abiola ex-headward ..for their mind dem be better government …ok ooo


Presido go Morocco com dey praise Naija youths ooo.. Insead of lazy brus say una dey intellectually aggressive meaning una brain dey work wella.. But some people say na fine face e dey do after that first casting


Abeg if u dey look for forgiveness for sins inbox or call our admin for expo.. One church dey do forgiveness promo na for warri. Just come with bucket to pack sand and u don free…

We get crew for Russia but dey nor gree cone outside because of cold.. We wan package cover cloth go give them.. But still dey with us for updates and postmatch approko…. Laer things





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