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The Warri Official Pidgin English Dictionary as Translated Naosusucare

Warri Pidgin English Dictionary

Warri is known for its unique pidgin English and slangs.

They are known by their mannerisms, great Fashion sense and are highly humorous which makes the warri pidgin English sellable.

Here in this Pidgin Dictionary, We have highlighted a few slangs and their meaning so that you can flow with the warri brand.

However, I must warn you that Langua is dynamic and keep changing or updated by each passing day with newer slangs.




Word Meaning Synonym As Used In A Sentence
419 Business Scam wayoris I nor dey do business with 419


Hala To shout Raise Y u dey raise ur voice anyhow


Restaurant Canteen To chop for mama put nor be bad thingg


alcohol Highness Hope highness go dey the background
tear eye Wild Ruff girls dey quick tear eye nowadays
okpolo eyes big eyes Big eyes Okpolo eye nor be open eye


open eye




sharp E gud for guyman to sharp for the street
Amount Price  

How much

How much u wan run d shirt for me
Comot Excuse remove Comotur leg make I pass
Sabi Knowhow Badt That ur bros badt die for dressing
Do-well Focus


Arrange Arrange urself well make dat man no see u finish
Look-well Be vigilant Observe Guy observe make u no go looseguard ur r wallet
Make brain Attractive/good looking Make senses Bros dat ur sista make senses


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