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Warri Motivation

learn from every bad experience




Issa waffi people there… Issa waffizites in the house… Warri ooooo.. Una nor go kill mr.. Today so ehn no news for now make una nor vex..Na preach i wan preach give una so. I nor be pastor or J. wit oo but i jus wan yan una one or two based on my level of inspiration… Na warri inspiration I take dey cordinate matas dey yarn one ot two for una based on the love for my people.


But first if i nack una wetin i hear today as i dey escort my babe una go felele.. I first shock lose my composure bt later my warri blood com make me activate gallant i com dey firm.. Make i totori una belief small with my message. I pray make my Editor post am because e own dey too.. Make una nor worry i go judge am for una very soon.


For this life to get mind and belief dey very very important..No matter how things hook you , even if hunger decorate ur neck like bowtie u nor suppose give up… Everybody wen don arrive today get one falling hand experience to talk about.. Ur bad situation na anoda guyman go beg Baba GOD for… Or people wen don mud nko.. If dem give them chance to come back as disabled blind deaf dumb beggar na rush dem go rush that kin line ooo.. So wetin i dey try talk be say make we thank BABA GOD for every every because no matter how e bad today tomorrow go always make more sense.. If anybody talk say u nor go make am I activate enough GOD Forbid and Holy Ghost fire for ur matter..Na so


Back to our talk.. As i dey escort my babe I com hear some guys dey argue for around that Arubaye street.. The next thing one brus tell another brus say see as ur belle be like Osusu contribution..I weak…my babe laugh sotey her make up cast with tears..Warri una too get mouth.. Una suppose to be country… Hope this go put smile on una face this sunday..


Thanks to my Editor of Naosusu. Com.. Biggest blog in the republic of warri… Nor forget to check for more updates..


Later things


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