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Warri Born Story and Warri City What you should know

Warri City


Warri Born is not by ethnicity or tribe but because I was born and buttered in Warri. I be Warri boy or Warri pikin not because I be Isoko, Urhobo, Ijaw or Itsekeri but because I live in Warri.

Just like a Nigerian who was born in the United States automatically becomes a citizen or someone who has lived, Worked in another country for 10 years or 15 years as the case might becomes a citizen so also with all Warri born. Ask Ayo  Makun (AY) then you get Warri by association, Ask Basket mouth.

I am talking about my City named Warri. This city is known for her bold lifestyles, unique culture, big-hearted people, exclusive Warri pidgin/slangs English, and many more.


What do you infer from this statement “Warri nor dey carry last” because it is a statement that has gradually become a motivation in the hearts of all Warri born.

Back then in secondary school during inter-housing sports you see candidates who are ready to run races no matter the meters, they are raged up to carrying first position because no one wants to come out last and if you do come out last you’d be a laughingstock.

Same goes for Warri, when they show up in another man’s land, the first thing that comes out from a stranger’s mind would be “this na Warri person” you will immediately know a Warri born by the way they speak, dress, and always very humorous.

This Warri unofficial motto “Warri nor dey carry last” have been an ongoing saying right from time because they believe that wherever they go, people will always give them their due respect, people will always respect a true Warri born for their sharpness, cravings and drive to doing things better, things to make people wonder because a true Warri born is born ready to face things that are known or unknown, things present or things to come. Warri born get natural mind.

Let’s talk about some few celebrities well known that emanated from Warri, we have Harrysong, Yung6ix, Omawumi, Richard Mofe Damijo, AY, I go Dye, I go Save, Ali Baba, Efe who won the 2017 Big Brother show, many more actors/actresses who also came up from this land.

One great thing about a true Warri born is that no matter where he or she is, that person must rep Warri by shouting “Area” and “Warri” and just like Lagos state, Warri is no mans’ land because Warri city is home to everyone.

Yoruba, Igbos, Hausa, and etc, all claim to be Warri Born not because they are lost in Warri city but because they have found out one thing  “Warri nor dey forget her own” and “Warri nor dey reject anyone” just as far say you dey cain your line well and you are on top of your game.

All Warri born celebrities are always proud of where they came from then talking about They are well known for their dressings, be it Casuals, Natives, Agbadas, Co-operates and their combination of Ankara with English wears.  You nor dey see Warri born shoe the second for market especially the one they bought from Gbogbo.

We all call them swags, often times people laugh at them when they go out because of their dressings, how can a normal person wear Agbada with Face Cap and Canvas, then come out and says he’s the best “LOL” I think this one is better,not until one day I saw a black girl, sorry not black, Charcoal girl with white hair, white shoe, white gown, HAA!!! My sister, are you an angel with black skin in disguise? Strange!!!

Here that’s what I call Swaggalicious Swagger because she is just being proud of whom she is and she also has got the heart to go with what she wore, then she is good to go. Just put your swag on and have the bounce that goes along with it.

Any Warri born will always dress to look good, others might dress to impress or go for the kill, etc. I tell you something secret that nobody knows please don’t tell anyone!!! Oftentimes when I see a true Warri born it is obvious because they dress to Take, Steal, Kill, and destroy; I think they work hand in hand with ……. Let that be a story for another day. I didn’t mention any name herein before SARS go begin dey look for me like say I chop community money.

Warri Born Ayiri


Nevertheless, you can never outsmart Warri born especially those brought and bred up in Warri. I will give you an honest advice, don’t ever try to because, you’d be the one running head and heels, don’t say I didn’t warn you but if you want to go for it, try asking around to know who you dealing with.

More so, Warri owns pidgin language, I said this because I haven’t seen a soul can speak pidgin more than waffarians, abi na Slangs, they are the best whichever way you wish to see it, I still stand my ground, they can turn pidgin into red wine and feed it to your whole fams, funny enough they beat you to your face with any language be it Pidgin, Good English, Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, Urhobo and more.

If you feel this are mere talks why not set up the challenge between Pidgin and good speaking, and see how they translate your whole family history into pidgin language. Just call any Warri born na sharp sharp he go run the history changing.

Have you seen the trend in our recent home videos, the input of Warri pidgin is quite, our local names are now included in some of the best movies to be made in Nigeria. Have you seen Oghenekome TV Series, Do Good series, or the evergreen and blockbuster 30 days in Atlanta, 10 days in sun city, all done by AY or the Three Wise men done by Richard Mofe Damijo, Zack Orji and Victor Olaotan.

Warri Pidgin is now the official lingua franca in Nigeria because everyone strives to understand it because it makes discussion sweeter when there are infixes of pidgin in any conversation. So tey now, Hausa boys dey call them Warri boys even those guys when they lead nama nama dey claim Warri born

You have Igbo market in Warri which is flooded with Igbo speaking people and nobody send them or na Hausa Quarters when get head quarters for Igbudu market? As far you are in Warri City and you want peace, you go get the peace and protection but if you want gbege as in fight we go pack am give you. Because whatever you do, you make Warri great and soonest you will become a true Warri born either by birth, association or by stay.

Moreover, they’re always ready for any circumstances, no matter the challenges, always proud of what they’ve become that’s why the saying still goes round “Warri nor dey carry last” it makes me a confirm Warri born.

I be better Warri born because I rep Warri and I want peace.

I be better warri born because I am Humorous and Smart

I be better Warri born because I can dress, my fashion taste na fire.

So clear road for all Warri born because they all stand for peace, Unity and progress. Nothing does you the true Warri born.

Confirm Warri Boys see Swag

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