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The World Needs More Mad Men

According to current statistics, the world has approximately 7.7 billion people and only 0.8 percent of these people are mad.  This drastically raises the need for more mad people across the globe, especially in Nigeria.

How would you identify a mad person if you found one? And how would you be sure the person is actually mad?

I suppose because mad people don’t look normal. Ranging from their appearance to the way they talk and act, they are obviously different from every other person. 

And how would you know you are normal when you are the only strangely dressed person in the midst of normally dressed people? It seems the easiest way to ascertain whether a person is mad or not, is to determine how different he/she is from the majority. Perhaps, doing what every other person does is what guarantees you are normal. And the fear of being called MAD is the reason why most persons (including you and I) have decided to be like every other normal person. So, you being MAD must be tied to one great act of genius you’ve created through which the world is getting better. Question is, what are you going working on or doing to belong to the MAD gang? 

Doing things in accordance with the rules or norms of a community (amongst a group of people) is now the criteria for being a normal person, it has become the accepted standard for normalcy. But you must break free from the norms for you to be someone making a difference in society (MAD). 

Research has however shown that all Inventors, Innovators and Pacesetters were at one point referred to as mad people due to their abnormal way of thinking. Hence, impactful living is inevitably a product of doing things different from the crowd.


* Confidence

* Sole Mind

* Influence

* Daring

* Different

*  Risk Taking

* Pace Setters

* Innovators

* Great Leadership skill

* And Originality of Ideas


* Thomas Edison

* ArchBishop Benson Idahosa

* Bill Gates

* Aliko Dangote

* Martin Luther King

* Virtue Oboro

* Ayo Makun (A.Y Comedian) 

* Myles Munroe 

* Mary Slessor

* Johnson John Izibenoah

* Mattin Cliff Eva

* Mark Zuckerburg

* Oprah Winfrey

* Nelson Mandela

* Olanari Ogregade

* Steve Jobs

* With a whole lots of us burning the flames of MAD out here like YOU & ME

Now, you should be inspired by there people and dare to do and make a very strong statement about your ideas, vision and brand identity which makes you MAD. 

The world needs more people who will MAKE A DIFFERENCE in their various communities. Stop thinking like everyone else, step out and be MAD. “Make A Difference”

Aghara John Paul

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