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The Top And 20 Untrue Myths About Warri City

Untrue Myths About Warri

I have read so many crazy stories about peoples bad experiences in the oil-rich city of Warri and how there is no nightlife, because once it is dark or past 6pm you are no longer safe because you are going to lose something because fine boys are everywhere trying to hustle you and rip you off your phones, pieces of jewelry and money.

It even get crazier because some people claim that they constantly shoot guns in Ekpan, Alaka, Cemetery and other Areas in Warri.

These are exaggerated lies and yes there are one or two incidents and you can find packets of violence but not like the overhyped stories we read.

I remember one time I was at Work and I received a phone call from a friend that there was terrible shootings in Ekpan and that she no longer felt safe in Warri then I laughed because I knew that the picture she painted wasn’t the case because I know how it is in Ekpan.

If Ekpan was that crazy, why would there be several banks around, the Warri General Hospital Annex is in Ekpan, you have one of the top event centres in Warri around Ekpan axes, talking about Manuex Place Event Centre, you have the masters church in around the Ekpan axes, and there’s nightlife everywhere starting from Express Junction to Jakpa Junction, Refinery road is home to some popular clubs in Warri, Eateries and restaurants, several roadside barbeque spots and bars, etc.

I have spent some time in Lagos state and the things I saw made me believe that people just can say everything crazy based on their immediate emotions and experiences about other places except their own, after all, who go talk say him mama food nor sweet?

Here are 20 Untrue Myths About Warri City

  1. You must hold fast onto your pockets because you risk losing your valuables in all the streets in Warri.
  2. When entering public transport, mark the number of the Keke, bus or bike because they are all thieves waiting for who to pounce on.
  3. Do not stop Okada close to your house because they are thieves.
  4. Do not wear your pieces of jewelry from the house when attending an occasion because fine boys go collect them from you.
  5. Groove nor dey Warri o, there are good places to relax may not be Lagos or Abuja standard but there really great clubs and hotels to chill.
  6. There is no movement in Warri once it’s past 9 PM because na only fine boys go dey road, this so untrue, there are safe roads to pass like it is everywhere.
  7. Dem nor dey wear gold for neck o, dats another huge lie, you have gold thieves, pickpockets everywhere.
  8. The city is too dry and nothing is happening in the Warri, wetin you dey find? Ask us make we tell you where dem dey.
  9. There are no jobs, no great companies and Warri is dead, who tell you say no jobs, Ask the Itsekiri, and the Ijaws, anyways na the major companies in Warri na Hausa, Yorubas and Ibos, then few Urhobos dey run the place. But I can give you a list of some top oil servicing, producing and Engineering companies when dey coded for Warri but Warri never dead like dat o.
  10. The street too dry, no good hustle to do, my brother, you haven’t started thinking outside the box, money dey the street, legit money.
  11. There are no top shows holding in Warri, before na true but now, there are several great events taking place in Warri. I tell you the truth, there is always an event taking place in Warri.
  12. The main activities in Warri stop by 6 PM, that’s not true, there are grocery shops that close late at night, and other sales outlets, so you definitely can get what you want.
  13. Some will even tell you that you should be in your house by 7Pm because that’s the only time you can be guaranteed of safety.
  14. Warri boys dey carry guns waka and POS machine to rob you at any compromising place, brother, that one dey happen for every major city in Nigeria.
  15. Many taxies na one chance o, this is another of the untrue myths in Warri because one chance dey target their victim and if you nor dey greedy, you go get chance to walk away. One chance full Lagos scatter.
  16. There are kidnappings happening in Warri, western and expatriates are not safe in Warri, this is another of the untrue myths about Warri. Kidnappers will always work with the information an insider gives. And there is a huge difference between the acts of militancy and community actions against host companies. And these things happen in the creeks and not in the main Warri business hub.
  17. Police harassment of citizens but police also work with information also o, and you know this is the era of yahoo yahoo, so this harassment is everywhere in the country. Dem nor dey defend police o.
  18. Some said the average Warri boy na thief because Warri boys sabi catch thieves. The average Warri born is always smart and he is fully aware of his surroundings so dem nor dey too loose guard. This doesn’t mean that Warri people are thieves and it is certainly one of the many untrue myths about Warri brought up.
  19. Warri youths are lazy and they do not work, depends on what you mean, because the average Warri boy genuinely cares for his family and they know that they must work to take care of their family. Na Warri boys na develop the term HUSTLE O because they hate to be boys forever, so don’t confuse touts and agberos for Warri boys
  20. Some say Warri boys are loud and they like to show themselves, Warri boy go only show himself when you wan over do. Dem go let you know say nor be today yansh dey back. It is totally an untrue myth about Warri brought up to carry do or to show themselves anyhow.

There are lots of other untrue myths about Warri but you can add your voice in the comment session and we will update this publication.

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