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The Role of Respect in Secrets of successful Family Series

The role of respect in Secrets of successful family series has one main objective, to help families who are going through their unique challenges because all families do at one time.



It is quite popular to hear that there are no families without a challenge but it is also quite true to know that there are successful families who have weathered their storms and are quite happy.

These successful families have found out the secret they need to stay happy, and what is needed to keep the family working in a friendly environment that is void of strife, bitterness, malice, and anger.

In this article, we are looking at the role of RESPECT in secrets of successful family and how it affects the smooth running of the home.

The Role of Respect in Secrets of successful family series

Role of Respect In Secrets of successful family

A true understanding of the word “respect” would help both spouses in any relationship because they would be better informed on how to behave in the face of a disagreement or an argument because sometimes issues arises from misinterpretation of an argument but respectful spouses would know to how to behave and to calm the nerves of his/her partner.

Respect itself is having due regard for the feelings, wishes, or rights of others. This should be more emphasized when it involves lovers.

The role of respect in secrets if successful family cannot be overemphasized because it has a direct impact on the tune, anger and disposition of both parties as they live their daily lives.

Respectful couples will respectfully listen to the partners speak, try to understand their spouses’ perspectives and views and find a way to resolve even if they have to compromise but be happy to find a lasting solution for both parties.

It is clearly put this way that love doesn’t behave rudely – 1corinthians 13:5. To respect my marriage and spouse, I must not behave rudely or to be modest enough not to behave rudely.

Respect is a conscious effort that could be difficult initially but like every good habit, it becomes part of your character.

The role of respect in secrets of successful family is important to for self-esteem and confidence of your partner.

Why does respect matter in a relationship

Why Respect Matters

Mutual respect has a direct impact on conversations, communications and every form of interaction between spouses. The role of respect in marriages or relationship helps to maintain decorum when tempers are high.

As mentioned earlier, the innocent conversation is soon changed into some highly contested argument due to change in temperament or tone of voice in a conversation. If spouses respect each other enough, they will immediately deal and put out the fuel and everything changes to normal again.

Respectful spouses understand that certain jokes, touches of sarcasm and criticisms become offensive to your partner and when it is not dealt with, it becomes a huge problem which leads to low self-esteem or kill your partners’ trust, love and attraction to you.

The role of respect in secrets of successful family is as important anything you can think of in the family, it should be treated as a core value.


Some checklist test questions for you

Keep tabs of how your conversation went with your spouse or partner for 4days to a week and see the trend of the conversation.

Watch out for the number of times you raised your voice or how quickly you changed the tone of your voice, countenance, and reactions when you were pissed during a conversation?

Check for the number of times you criticized your spouse as against your compliments?

How many times did your spouse jokingly showed disapproval to some of the jokes you said or sarcasm passes you made?

Did you duly respect your partner the way you ought to have done?


Fix whatever needs to be fixed

Smooth communication between partners shows that things can be handled and I bet you, if you have great communication with your spouse then you can almost resolve everything with your partner on your own.

Talk to your spouse what attitudes, mannerisms, characters, actions, choices of words that would help each other to feel fully respected?

What are those things your partner does that makes you feel disrespected and vice versa.


respect matters

Take notes of what each party has said and do all you can to uphold whatever agreement reached and do not be quick to assume that you have gotten it. So be wise to ask occasionally to see if you are on track in this path of staying respectful to your spouse.

Love is a very beautiful thing which will overcome a multitude of sins, mistakes and hurts but also when twisted changes into something that you can’t predict.

Give yourself to be trained and helped by yourselves as you learn the act of showing respect for your partner.

One thing to note here is that, if truly, you are respectful by nature, you would be able to show respect for your partner.

Respect they say is reciprocal which should be one of the checks for you. If you are not getting the respect that is due you then check if you truly are showing that to your spouse.

What really matters at the end of the day is that both of you feel respected.

The role of respect in secrets of successful family series should always be emphasized at all times because it builds the self-esteem, trust, confidence, and love in every home, family, and relationship.

The truth be told, everyone wants to be treated rightly at all times, egos can be bruised when there is a short flow of respect from one partner to the other or from both which is why each partner in a relationship must try to be as nice as nice can be to his or her partner.

Finally in the role of respect in secrets of successful family series

Put on tender mercies, kindness, humility, meekness, longsuffering; bearing with one another, and forgiving one another – Colossians 3:12-13




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