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The 20 Top and Most Popular Hospitals and Clinics in Warri

The top and most Popular Hospitals and clinics in Warri listed in this article comprise of several hospitals/clinics that provide top class and standard healthcare services to the public.

There are several great hospitals/clinics which is not our list that also offers excellent healthcare services and because this article is limited to only 20 the top and most popular hospitals and clinics in Warri.

For those who aren’t so sure what the difference between a hospital and a clinic: A hospital is basically a healthcare facility with more departments, specialties, and space while a clinic, on the other hand, is just smaller than a hospital.

The 20 top and most popular hospitals and clinics in Warri in this article comprises of General, Specialty or Government hospitals which depends on the sources of income.

A general hospital is quite the most popular type of hospital because it treats patients who require urgent health care ranging from fire accidents, sudden illness, accidents, and general medical practices.

A specialist hospital is designed to deal with specific medical needs such as psychiatric treatment, and other unique diseases categories. Specialists hospitals does help to reduce the cost of health care as compared with the general hospital.

Government hospitals are funded by the government and they can either be specialist, or general hospitals.
Just to note that a teaching hospital is a health care facility that is designed to teach medical students and nurses. But they do more than just teach students in the medical fields because it has different departments and specialized medical procedures and treatment are done in a teaching hospital.

This article focuses basically on helping travelers, tourists and residents in Warri and its environs to know the 20 top and most popular hospitals and clinics in Warri that are readily available.

The top and most popular hospitals and clinics in Warri have all built a reputation for themselves over the years because they all offer professional Medicare.

Some of the 20 top hospitals and clinics in Warri offer world-class healthcare services because they have the equipment and experienced doctors and surgeons who have been in the business of saving lives for many years by offering specialized services in Paediatrics, Cardiology, Neurology, Urology, Ear Nose and Throat (ENT), Obstetrics and Gynaecology as well as General and Sub-specialty Surgery like Orthopedics and Trauma.

Any of the top and most popular hospitals and clinics performs surgery daily and have professional staff and equipment to meet the demands of their patients and are open for consultations.
Here is the list of the 20 top and most popular hospitals and clinics in Warri. The list highlights the names and their addresses.

1. Central Hospital Warri ( 1 Mabiaku Road of Warri/Sapele Road, Warri)

The central Hospital is undoubtedly one of the top and most popular hospitals and clinics in Warri because of its so many factors.
The central hospital has got several departments, specialist and it is quite affordable because it is government funded.
The central hospital has its annex in Ekpan, Hospital road which is still very popular in Warri but quite smaller than the main hub in Warri. Both hospitals operate 24 hours daily.

2. Lily Hospitals (6, Brisibe Street, Warri) (0705 335 1702)

Lily Hospitals -

Lily Hospitals is very popular in the city of Warri because of its trademark and World class medical services Lily render.

The Hospital serves as retainers’ clinic for some of the top companies in Warri.
Lily hospitals is arguably one of the top and most popular hospitals and clinics in Warri and it is a private brand.

3. Westend Hospital (Multispecialist, 1978) (1, 25th street, Westend Hospital Road D.D.P.A, Off Airport Road) (0807 420 3529)

Image result for westend hospital warri

Westend Hospital proud itself as one of the first established private hospitals in Warri. The Hospital is located in one of the top residential areas in Warri.
The hospital offers specialist healthcare services and has quite a sizable facility to accommodate its patients.

4. Capitol Hill (Ranyo’s Place, 2 Omanofe Sillo Street, Warri) (0803 716 2448)

Image result for capitol hill hospital warri

Capital Hill easily makes the cut in our list as one of the top and most popular hospitals and clinics in Warri because of its location, size, and great medical staff who are proven professionals in their field of practice.
Patients are assured of getting great Medicare services.

5. Sage Clinic (29 Okere Ugborikoko Road, Effurun, Warri) (08039124042)


Image result for sage clinic warri

The Sage Clinic is renowned to have excellent nursing care for patients and they are popular for its medical expertise and professional diagnostics and treatment.
Having a high reputation for patient healthcare has constantly led the growth of sage Clinic.

6. Fairview (1 Fairview Hospital Drive, Okumagba Avenue, Warri) (08069422492)

Image result for fairview hospital warri

Fairview Hospital is an elite hospital which is quite unique because of its conducive spacious environment. The hospital has got a great facility which is well equipped to perform different medical processes and the professional staff to cater for patients of different illnesses and diseases.
Fairview hospital easily makes the cut on the top and most popular hospitals and clinics in Warri.

7. BU Clinics/Hospital (8 Alagbara Street off Adjomo Avenue, Ugborikoko, Warri) (08033806017)

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BU Clinics/Hospital is one of the healthcare facilities with great respect for the customer and patient relationship that you will find in the city because their Medical staff are well trained and are professional in executing their daily tasks and responsibilities.
BU Clinics/Hospital serve a retainers’ clinic to some of the top companies in Warri and Nigeria at large and they are part of the top healthcare body in Nigeria.

BU Clinics/Hospital has got a great front desk that will promptly attend to you and refer you to see a professional and experienced Medical personnel that will attend to you for proper consultation, diagnosis, and treatment.

8. Vicah Clinics and Hospitals (6 Maduku Street, Okumagba Layout, Warri) (08033764218)

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Vicah Clinics and Hospitals is a top healthcare centre services in Warri and they have excellent patients and customers relationship.
Vicah clinics and Hospitals is a private healthcare facility which is quite affordable and cost-effective.

9. Estate Specialist Hospital (14 Onofeghara Street, Warri)


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The Estate Specialist Hospital has been among the renowned hospital brands for a very long time in Warri because of the consistent healthcare services they have been providing over the years and it is one of the elite hospitals you will find in the city.
Estate Specialist hospital is one of the first specialist hospitals that is well established in Warri which is why it is one of the top and most popular hospitals and clinics in Warri.

10. Syracuse clinic (Bellume) (12 Willie Street, Off Deco Road, Warri)

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The Syracuse clinic is privately owned and it is quite popular because it has provided excellent healthcare services over the years. The hospital makes our list of the top and most popular hospitals and clinics in Warri because of its location and has been consistent in delivering quality healthcare in Warri south.

11. Vertimon Medical Centre (3 Merogun Street, Edjeba, Warri) (08023088838)

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Vertimon Medical center has had its fair share of popularity in Warri because of it has been delivering quality healthcare services. The healthcare facility is equipped enough to meet the demands of her clients and has stood the test of time.

12. Bryannt Hospital Limited (NO 13 ETI STREET OFF EMEBIREN STREET OKUMAGBA LAYOUT, WARRI) (08035510498)

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Bryannt Hospital Limited is quite new in Warri because it was founded in 2011 and has gained popularity over the years.
Bryannt Hospital limited offers top-class medical and allied services to her clients by using experienced and proven professionals in the medical field in delivering healthcare solutions and services.

13. St. Andrew’s Hospital (39 Robert Road, Warri) (0810 131 4228)


The hospital is a top-class hospital which is highly recommended because it has world-class healthcare equipment which is required for different types of medical processes and practices.
St. Andrew’s Hospital is founded and basically funded by St. Andrew Cathedral and Diocese of Warri Anglican Communion.

14. Shepherd Hospital and Fertility Center (100B Edjeba Road, Warri) (08136546363)


Shepherd Hospital and fertility center is quite popular in Warri because it is known for quality and evidence-based medical practices and processes.
The shepherd Hospital and Fertility Center have given hopes to several families by using the effective IVF medical process.
The Hospital boasts as one of the most effective hospitals in Warri that are renowned to be successful in using IVF methods.
With this feat, Shepherd hospital and Fertility Center is one of the top and most successful hospitals and clinics in Warri.

15. Rapha Specialist Children and General Hospital (85 Airport Road, Effurun, Warri) (080 584 116 88)

Rapha Specialist Children and General Hospital is quite unique because of the specialist pediatric and general surgery it offers.
Rapha is one of the top specialist children hospitals in Warri which makes it one of the top and most popular hospitals and clinics in Warri.

16. Twins Clinic and Maternity (1 Twins clinic drive off Deco Road, Igbudu, Warri) (08085423824)

Image result for Twins Clinic and Maternity hospital warri

Twins Clinic And Maternity is a household name at a stage in Warri because they were renowned to deliver excellent healthcare services to her clients and are still a brand to be recognized because they have been consistent over the years.
Twin Clinic and Maternity makes or list of the 20 top and most popular hospitals and Warri clinics in Warri.

17. Group Christian Medical Centre (Inside Mosheshe Estate Airport Road, P.M.B 15, Effurun, Warri) (080 230 554 52)

Group medical is quite a popular name and it is one of the top hospitals in Warri because of its effectiveness and serves as a retainers’ clinic to some companies. They offer 24 hours emergency and healthcare services.

18. Regal Clinic and Maternity (226 Jakpa Road, Effurun, Warri) (08028380062)

Regal Clinic and maternity is quite popular in Effurun because of its experienced medical professionals and has been consistent over the years as one of the most effective healthcare facilities in Warri.
It is easily accessed because it is located along the busy Jakpa Raod.

19. Shabach Hospitals (7 Shabach crescents, by Eru Motors, PTI Road, Effurun Warri) (08074244446)

Image result for Shabach Hospitals hospital warri

Shabach Hospital is highly recommended because it offers multi-specialist services and general medicine.
Shabach hospital offers healthcare services on Internal medicine and Cardiology, fertility treatment, surgeries, laboratories, services, etc.

20. Jah Ropheka Hospital and Maternity Limited (63B, Jakpa Road, Opp.Okoloba Junction, Effurun, Warri) (0802 095 1410)


Image result for Jah Ropheka Hospital and Maternity Limited hospital warri

Jah Ropheka Hospital and Maternity Limited is a top hospital in Warri which offers specialist medical services in Eye problems, surgeries, maternity, pediatrics, and neonatal intensive care unit, and general medical practices.

Remember that this list comprises only the 20 top and most popular hospitals and clinics in Warri and is collated from the research we made as a blog and they are quite the most popular in the city.
To get more details for consultation purposes you can visit any of the hospitals for yourself which is why we have the addresses and phone numbers of the hospitals.

The aim of this blog post is to narrow your search when you are in need of Medicare. So feel free to walk into any of the hospitals/clinics that we have listed in this publication above and get consultations, diagnosis, and treatment.

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