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Warri Pidgin English Dictionary

The Warri Official Pidgin English Dictionary as Translated Naosusucare

June 16, 2018

Warri is known for its unique pidgin English and slangs. They are known by their mannerisms, great Fashion sense and are highly humorous which makes the warri pidgin English sellable. Here in this Pidgin Dictionary, We have highlighted a few slangs and their meaning so that you can flow with the warri brand. However, I […]

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Pidgin English Sport News

Sports News In pidgin English

June 13, 2018

This edition of our ogbogen pidgin english sports news brought to you from our soft sports studio. Make e for no loss na tori wen dey totori us for world cup na we dey bring for una listening pleasure. Fifa Word cup 2018 Una remember d guy i tell una go coach real madrid next […]

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Warri Pidgin English News

Warri Pidgin English News/my waffizites waffarians area… How una dey..

June 13, 2018

Waffzites gudaftanun o.. how una dey na the news in original warri pidgin we wan give una, so make una follow-up with the langua and slangs when we take dey represent for this side of the world. Warri na a nation of of its own because if you ask any warri boy na the same […]

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