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Fifa World Cup

Russia 3:1 Egypt

Day 6 of Fifa World Cup Matches Played today

June 19, 2018

Waff nation we hail una ooo… How the going… Hope the hustle firm wella.. Confam I dey stroll for the area today again wen I com see one small child dey cry.. People com gather base on normal level.. Wetin happen? Dem kidnap you? You loss? You well?. D small boy com show us tso […]

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Fifa 2018

Warri Pidgin English Sports News of Fifa World Cup In Russia 2018 Match Day 4

June 17, 2018

Waff people.. waffarians una dey.. This na world cup post match update in our very own pidgin… Na three matches na dem play today.. Ma four goals the three matches produce and only one match end for draw. Serbia 1:0 Costa Rica       People nor too expect much from this match sha.. […]

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