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Self Reflection For Daily Living – Monday Motivation

Self Reflection

Self reflection is a very important aspect of our lives because it makes us vigilant and watchful ~ 1 peter 5:8

Monday Motivation is purely motivational in our blog because we have realized that people with great pay, great working conditions are mainly the ones looking to go to work on Monday mornings.

It’s a beautiful Monday morning and the events are the same all around the world with everyone rushing off to work or their respective place of businesses.

Monday is the first day of work and you really want to get the right motivation so that you can be effective and efficient.

In this week’s episode of Monday motivation we are looking at self-reflection and how it affects your reaction and action to life.

Examine yourself, prove yourself because you know yourself ~2cor13:5

Self reflection is one of the best things you can do for yourself because only you know how you really feel about the things and pressures around your life.

Only you know how much or how badly you want a change in your finances, marriage and spiritual life. But the very first thing you can do is to have a moment for yourself where you can have a self reflection about your life.

Self reflection is quite different from negative thinking, while negative thinking puts you down perpetually and kills your motivation for life which leads to depression.

Self reflection is totally different because it helps you to think through the challenges you face presently and come out with lasting solutions.


Why self reflection


self reflection


Self reflection separates you from the problem


self reflection separates you


It’s true that you are the one with the challenge but during times of self reflection you become objective as you think through the challenges or problems.

You begin to see the challenges as a separate entity and you begin to think the solution of the challenge.


In self reflection you become naked


you become naked during self reflection

Many people are afraid of themselves so that try to lie and deceive themselves by themselves and they perpetually go round circles all their lives.

A man should never come to the point where he is ashamed of himself and his life in a negative way. In true self reflection, you are naked and bare to yourself.

You admit to your mistakes, errors and the poor choices you have made to yourself. After which you apologize to yourself, forgive yourself and heal.


Self reflection gives a final decision


self reflection final thoughts


One of the best things you can do is having a conclusive thought life. Because in the place of thinking, you should definitely come out with the next line of action that you must follow through, unlike negative thinking which doesn’t come up with any solid solution or decision.

Self reflection helps you to make a definite decision that you should religiously follow through.


Final Thoughts


final decision self reflection


Observe to do all that you have thought about, the decisions you have taken and always remember that information you have gathered over time for the better life you have always dreamed about. so pay careful attention to knowledge and the great counsel you have received so that you will not drift from the plan you have ~Hebrews 2:1


Remember that you know yourself better than anyone. So try to think your way through the low self-esteem and plan your life so that in the next few years you will be bettered positioned.

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