Secrets Of Successful Family Series- Commitment


A successful family is one which is lively and filled with love, laughter and is founded on strong commitment between each partner.

Building a successful family doesn’t require rocket science but it is achieved by following simple and healthy practices which have been proven to always work.

A successful family isn’t the absence of strive, or strong arguments or even fights but it is the drive and commitment shared by members of the family to be resolute in ensuring that love thrives above the chaos in the home.

In this series, we shall be discussing some key points that affect the condition of the home. These factors or key points regularize the laughter, love, and happiness of the home.


Commitment a secret of a successful family


Family Commitment Series


What is commitment and what does it mean?

This is one of the definitions of commitment from WordWeb Pro dictionary: The trait of sincere and steadfast fixity of purpose: “a man of energy and commitment”.


Any family that must be successful should be conscious of that the fact that true love has an active ingredient called commitment. Many people do not understand the word called love because they limit the meaning of love to just a show of affection and emotions.


All successful families have all expressed commitment in difficult times in their marriages.


Husbands and wives are expected to display a high-level commitment in their marriages because commitment is purposeful and it is more than just a union a between a man and a woman it is an eternal bond.


A high-level of commitment between the husband and wife become the security for them. So it is important that each partner should have a strong conviction and confidence in their commitment to each other because commitment is honouring the vow they promised each other.


Commitment in marriage isn’t just based on strong desires to stay together as a couple just to look like two lovebirds in the eyes of the world. The show of commitment goes beyond family pressure, peer pressure or social class.


True Commitment goes beyond external factors because if the conviction isn’t right then it is bound to fail.


True commitment must be based on personal conviction of both partners which is rooted in mutual love and respect for one another. Husband love your wife just as Christ loved the church. Ephesians 5:25.


A commitment between Husbands and Wives is surely one of the secrets of raising a successful family. Many people wonder how it is possible to have a successful family but the truth is this: There are no shortcuts to raising godly families or to have a successful family.


So what should I do when I have issues with my partner, or when my wife becomes a nag, or when my husband isn’t just being reasonable? Is it still possible to have a successful family with all the chaos? You may ask, I didn’t promise you a rosy road, I didn’t say successful families have smooth rides all the time.


The fact is this: The process might be rough at the initial stage but it will definitely become rosy and sweet when you have gotten it right.


Every successful family today has had to deal with different issues at one time in their marriage, but in this article, we are just looking at commitment as one of the secrets to raising a successful family.


Commitment is actually choosing to stay with your partner despite the present challenges because both of you are determined to make this work.


Remember that commitment is an active ingredient of true love and this love is Agape because it isn’t corrupt and will always prevail because Agape love is the love expressed by Jesus Christ to the church.

Why Does Commitment Matter

Commitment matters so much in all successful families because, without it, marriages are bound to fail. It is the commitment to the marriage that makes you stand firm when confronted with problems.


Partners without commitment will easily run off the marriage and conclude that “We weren’t made for each other” and plan to get off the marriage without dealing with the root cause of the problem and like some do, they remarry and also face the same fate in their new marriage.


Many other persons already have gotten it wrong from the beginning because they do have a fall back plan before getting into a marriage – divorce. When people start thinking of a way out in a marriage, it is clear that their commitment is lacking from the start because what they share is a purely emotional attachment and not love.


Husbands do have a commitment to always love their wives no matter what the circumstance might be and the wives also do have a commitment to submit to their husbands. This is a very potent secret to building a successful family.


Self-help test to determine commitment levels

What is your personal reaction to a dispute with your partner?


Did you catch yourself regretting that you chose to marry your partner?

Did you ever think about the other dates or people you could have married?

Did you ever speak out to your partner that you were leaving or told your spouse that you will find someone else who will appreciate you better?


If you answered yes to one or more of the above questions then it is time to steadfastly fix your mind to work on your commitment level and fix it because marriage should be enjoyed and not endured. You need to work on your commitment to your spouse so that you can have a successful family.

Discuss with your partner helps to build commitment in Marriage


Ask your partner these few questions and discuss them.


Has our commitment level in this marriage decreased? If yes, then how did it decreased

How can we raise our commitment levels? And strengthen it?

Some simple but healthy practice to enhance and spice up your marriage

Learn to write occasional love notes for your spouse

Learn to create fun-filled memories with your spouse

Learn to show commitment for your spouse by displaying photos of your partner on your desk at work

Learn to use your spouse pictures as profile pictures, on your phones and electronic gadgets

Learn to call your spouse when you are at work or away as frequent as you can just keep in touch


What does a successful family mean in terms of a show of commitment towards one another you may ask? It basically means that you have decided to focus all your energy on ensuring that your marriage works not because of anything external but because of Agape love that you share with your spouse.


For young couples and newly married


successful Family


Now that you are here, there’s no other option in marriage but to stay married if you must experience the joy and fulfilment that comes with a successful marriage. Commitment is a must and a requisite for a successful family.


Couples must learn to develop the passion and resilient attitudes towards harnessing their union. Just like a flower which must be tended before its beauty is seen, that’s exactly what marriage is all about because it requires the practice of some simple but healthy habits which births the successful family that you really want.


Young couples should begin the process of learning how to deal with unhealthy statements, unhealthy conversations, attitudes, and attribute which has the ability to destroy the once blissful relationship that was once experienced. It all starts with commitment.


For everyone to have a successful family then it is important to begin the process of focusing your mind on your spouse by being committed to the marriage.


Commitment is one of the few things which helps to build a successful family for others it is what makes a family become successful or it is what makes a relationship to work.


Hard times they say never last but tough people do. It takes commitment to raise a successful family and not just some show of affection alone but conscious and purposeful commitment to your partner.


Remember, 1 Corinthians 7: 11 which states God’s opinion about divorce because you cannot be jumping from one marriage to another or from one relationship to another.


So before considering a fallback plan, look back into the bible before you take the move for a divorce.


What God has joined together let no man put asunder – Mathew 19:6

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