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Popular Warri Pidgin English Birthday Wishes And Messages

This article focuses on the popular Warri Pidgin English Birthday Wishes and messages to help you celebrate your day.

It is quite unique and exhilarating to know that we can all use the most acceptable and most spoken language to express our deepest feelings without any language barriers to our loved ones as we celebrate and pray with them on their special day.

Birthdays come once in a year, so it quite important to use choice words to wish and prayer for our birthday celebrants that is why using any of the popular Warri pidgin English Birthday Wishes and Messages is the real deal.

Here is a list of the top and popular Warri pidgin English Birthday Wishes and Prayers and Quotes that we have composed for you.


  1. As today na your birthday today,

Baba God go make everywhere soft for you,

Because baba God nor dey sleep or snore,

Your life go just dey arrangeΒ  eself,

Because na baba God matta na correct score,

Your birthday done set the beginning of a legit future,

Happy Birthday because everywhere done marama for you.


  1. Nothing does you, na dem go get headache for your matter,

Eat well, drink very well, cos if dem think am too much na their head go burn,

For your birthday matta, Oghene na dey run am for you solo,

So if dem think am na hypetension,

Happy birthday blood


  1. Obobs, like dis like dis, you don dey get white hair…

But nothings does because en, Jehova Over do dey with you,

So nothing dey happen when Baba nor dey see..

Na up up up, you go dey go because each white hair na better package,

So bless up my brother

Happy birthday because nothing does you

Ayiri Warri Pidgin English Birthday Wishes and Messages

  1. Day break everywhere burst because baba God na dey run am

E nor get as e be, ogoro must jump,

Anyhow e be, water must find him route,

Once night reach, day must break

Na so Oghene take arrange am

Flex your birthday to the fullest,

Because oghene is Involved



  1. Happy birthday bra

World people nor fit stop am

Day break alert everywhere

Because the more dem look the less dem see

Everywhere dey stew because na Jesus be King


  1. This your birthday, na up up you go dey go o

blessing na go just dey follow you dey go

your hand go touch better thing

two seconds, world people nor go know you again

because baba God na dey run am for you

carry go, happy birthday


  1. Today na your birthday so everywhere go soft for you

Na better fresh fish banga soup and starch you go chop

Na so people go line up with better gifts for you


  1. Your birthday na made in heaven

Na angels na dey on top your matter like dis

Angels na go dey run all your matters

Angels na dey mount you like this

because na their work be that

na so so up you go dey go

happy birthday


  1. Happy birthday to you my blood

Nothing go fit suck your blood again

Our blood to gbanski for any aproko to suck

See o, your blood na killer from today go

E go mud all of dem together when nor dey fear God

Happy birthday blood, long will you reign


  1. Issaa birthday Issaa goal

Make dem clear road for you na your turn e done reach like this

Your balance na issaa goal

So call all your guys make we do anyhow

Oghene dey do am for us and e dey sweet us

Issaa birthday, Issaa long life

The list above of the most popular Warri Pidgin English Birthday Wishes And Messages is compiled by our editorial team and it would be updated from time to time to meet the demands of our users.

Warri pidgin English is quite unique because of the classy ascents, mannerisms and the swags exhibited by the average Warri born.

Feel free to let us know your thoughts on the list of the popular Warri Pidgin English Birthday Wishes and Messages and Prayers and Quotes that we have compiled for you.


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