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News Update in Warri Pidgin English

Warri Pidgin English News

Greetings waffizites… una dey…



Headward don officially give Abiola Kingigbe and Gani their national honours today..As two of them don kpoof na their families show face with Babagana kingibe to collect the levels


Fg don talk say polys for naija no go give HND again say na students go take press commot from poly…


Donald Trump and leader of North Korea kim Jong-un don finally collide for Singapore to reason nuclear issues… E never happen before say leaders of this two countries go meet for one place to reason one or two


North Korea leader kim Jong-un carry e own mobile toilet come Singapore..E say better secret concerning im health dey e kaka.. So d guy kaka na national secret too.. Na wa

Police Ig say Sars no go dey do stop and search for roads again, Nor go do say you know your right come dey buga for SARS o… Na who carri Iron (gun) na get right for Nigeria o…


Later things



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