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Find A Way To Move Forward

Moving Forward

We are here today not because we wanted it this way or planned that our lives would be like this but like it is said, life just happened but we must move forward.

It is very normal not to like where you are today and there’s nothing to be ashamed of it but the mistakes of the past should be left in the past.

But something can be done today that would start a chain reaction which will definitely change the direction of your life and put you on the right path to fulfilling your purpose.

Life is about moving forward because stagnation is not allowed here so do all you can to keep moving forward.

It is true that we may not have been responsible for our present state of life, the hurt that we feel the depression and loneliness that came as a result of the decisions that were made for us or not knowing the consequences of our actions or inactions but we are here now.

It is bad enough to be here just know that life is about moving forward. There’s no need to sulk or whine over past mistakes or the things we have don’t control over. Today should mark the beginning of a new dawn. So dust yourself and move on, forward ever because there lies the fulfillment of our life.

It just might be true that the decisions we took yesterday have brought us here and we are here now and the earlier we realize this, the better it is for us because time does not stop to count even when you are in mourning, it keeps ticking even when you have the best of reasons why you should be on one spot.

Encourage yourself like David did in the Bible, he saw the mess and his mighty men were all weeping for a noble cause, he encouraged himself in the Lord his God and picked up the strength and courage to pursue and he overtook recovering all that was lost and stolen from him and his people. Remember again that life is all about moving forward.

Always arm yourself with knowledge, true knowledge is power because what is needed to come out of depression and stinking thinking is the right information and wisdom to apply the gained knowledge in the present situation. So in your bid to move forward, get knowledge, get understanding and wisdom.

One thing is sure, as the scriptures rightly says, all things work together for good to them that love God, whatever the case might have been, know that it is for your good and when you have accepted that present conditions and realities of things then you can begin the process of healing which starts with clearing your mind of stinking and negative thoughts which retards your mind from thinking well and stop you from moving forward.


A clear mind is one of the most important steps you must take if you must move forward, the scriptures rightly put it this way “Renew your mind” and “put off the old conversation and manner of life” which basically means accepting with open hands all information that would make you better. It also means to unlearn, relearn and to accept the new and better conditions of living. Do not shut the door of your mind if must move forward.


Let your focus be that of a progressive mind, a mind geared in the direction to move forward irrespective of the unpalatable present conditions, irrespective of the uncomfortable and pressures that might be on you to compromise the right standards and principles of life just to get shortcuts or a way of escape, that’s not moving forward because shortcuts cut you short.

Here I have Highlighted 3 simple things you can do to assist you to move forward.


What is it that Motivates You To Move Forward


Self-motivation is the best thing that you can do for yourself when you are down and out when you are without help and it seems like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. The inner strength that comes from within you is the only help that you can offer yourself to come out from the depression and discouragement.


One of the reasons people commit suicide is because they have lost the ability to dust themselves and brace up to reality. They have lost the ability to self-motivate and can no longer aspire and hope for a better tomorrow.

You must know what motivates and inspire you, never lose hold of it because if you do it is going to take a whole lot of energy and prayers to keep inspired again when you are down because moving forward in life depends on how motivated or inspired you are within.

Moving forward after a setback requires a lot of work, a lot of focus, concentration on the prize. The prize is a better life and fulfilling life.

Do you know what inspires you? or what could possibly motivate you in ensuring that you take steps in the right direction.


Do all you can to understand what motivates and inspire you. So pray to God to help you discover your purpose, search your heart and soul till you lay hold on that which makes life meaningful for you and protect it with everything you have and never lose sight of it because, in it, you will always have a reason to move forward.

Get inspired by yourself and press till you have achieved and fulfilled all your dreams.


Move Forward Drop The Burden Down


In our bid to move forward, we must be conscious that there are factors that are programmed to slow us back, but through much effort and inner desire to keep moving forward we overcame those negative challenges because in overcoming those negative challenges we become better skilled and better informed to break through and break even when faced with bigger and stronger challenges because the principle is always the same in overcoming and in moving forward.

Drop the attitudes, lifestyle, and characters that hinder growth, which does not accept changes, learn to unlearn and relearn new things that will aid you in the pursuit of purpose and happiness. Keep moving forward because in trying to move forward you will gain the experience and wisdom needed to be pointed in the right direction.

Do not be the hindering factor of yourself, tell yourself repeatedly that there is no attitude or character that you cannot drop. There is no lifestyle that you can leave behind because in finding a way to move forward you must be ready to let go of the past characters or manner of life that did not profit you.

Fear is one of the major factors that keep people in one spot all their lives, the fear of the unknown, fear would make you not to try out new things, fear has torment but perfect love cast out fear.


God has not given us the spirit of fear but of love and of a sound mind. Let the love of God surge and flow through your entire being because when it does, it takes away fear and makes you see life from a victor perspective and not that of a victim

Learn to deal or beat the fear because the fear comes in different packages; fear for a change, fear to make certain decisions, fear of the unknown, etc.

Beat fear today and move forward.


Now is The Time To Move Forward


The waiting is over, now is the time to move forward, now it the perfect time to put the pieces of the puzzle together, now you can activate the push buttons and move forward to the prize which awaits you.

Take the first step towards your goal, work on your mind daily by feeding it with beautiful thoughts and empower it with knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.

Your mind is the only tool that will make you move forward. So load your mind with pictures of the final destination. This will keep you encouraged and motivated throughout the journey.


Life experiences could be different for everyone but the lessons learned from the experiences are the same. Those things that have kept you back must have kept someone else down before but our approach to it is what really matters.

We must not allow negative life’s situation to define who or what we really are but must thrive to achieve with belief that life can be colorful, life could make more meaning, life can be everything we have ever dreamed about and life is what we make of it.


Learn today to drop every weight that has held us down and prevented us from moving forward as we should and let’s accept, adapt and move forward all the time.

Learn to forgive yourself and learn to love again because love conquers all and with love you are surely on the right path of moving forward.








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