Issa goal Warri Motivation Stand Against Drug Abuse

naosusu issa goal why 9ja lose to croatia



Warri issa goal. Pidgin issa a goal.. Street issa goal. Langua issa goal naosusu issa goal. How una dey because naija done fall their hand already for the world cup sha against croatia.

This na Warri motivation and I get one as e dey hot topic I wan yarn about. Issa goal



On Monday abi Tuesday before our Gotv expire (u know me I nor get shame and I nor fit form) I see for TV say dat day na World drugs day. People dey talk about drug abuse and codeine diet. So I say I go beg my editor make e allow me talk small on the marrer.

In those days wen our broses for area dey weed dem dey hardly run mental. Una know why? Those guys dey use their brain. Now for our regime almost every boy for the street get craze potential why? Dem go take weed both foreign and local. Mix am with codeine.Add tramadol. Dilute am with rephnol.. Wedge am with like two sticks of ciga. If the highness nor high reach some go still sniff shoemaker gum join. If u go North na their own even worst pass. Person go look nothing to do e go start to sniff gutter. Even pit latrine nor escape.

Person go just enter where people dey kaka go dey shook nose put so u fit high and if dey wan count human beings u go raise ur hand join.

Una know say different levels of highness dey? Make I try explain them based on Warri langua make una consult our online dictionary for more slangs and their meaning.



This na like the Kg of highness.. Na mainly beer and ogogoro dey activate this level



At this level the brain don dey rewind but d person still dey d land of normal

but vomit fit enter the equation


Wen person off or pass out na two minutes to madness be dat oo. Na sleep vomit milk and garri fit try rescue dat person o because issa mad person


Once dey say person knock dat one bad oo. Dat means the person just pass the signboard wen read goodbye to normal welcome to mental… Na Uselu go rescue you or you do one year compulsory IT for street or market.. Most times d people for this level dey get automatic diploma in trekking.

On a serious level now if u ask most of the people wen dey seek highness d reason dem nor get any better reply to yarn you… Na stupid reasons full their mouth because issa stupid person.


GOD wen give us brain know why because na Kidney for dey our head instead of brain.

A word is enough for the wise but na full story I drop so.

If u nor want make dem describe u as Eyah see that fine boy wen dey craze better stop.

One musician don yarn say ”if e nor gud for your head quit”

Even his HIGHNESS Bob Marley wen be legend for the ministry sing Turn your light down low…Na coded message be dat….Nor let anybody deceive you for the street. Legbere wen normal better pass crase wen get swag ooo.. Later things.

Make una use this video take press jare: Croatia vs Nigeria


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