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Happy Birthday Ogaga Naosusu Celebrates You Warri Born

Happy Birthday Ogaga

Happy Birthday Ogaga


So We dey celebrate

And Thank BaBa GOD for ur new age

Happy Birthday Ogaga wen dey strong like Madiga

Ur blessings u nor go fit use ordinary hand carry

Because dey go many like Garri

Ur life na blast


Happy Birthday Ogaga

So u nor go ever carry last

Since d beginning of ur life u dey win

And na so ur enemies dey lean

If we even check ur weight

Brus U remind us of the number eight

Ogaga wen love GOD like Jacob



All ur haters go dey lose like Esau

Even if cake nor dey today

I know say u go rent full bakery next year

And now bros I wan pray for you

Next year na softness go be ur portion


Happy Birthday Ogaga

Nothing fit stop am even if dem use dangote cement do potion

You go experience go slow for ur own car

You go break ur fast for expensive bar

u blog go jump like frog

even Linda go dey beg for hug

Ogaga wen be beta freelance writer


Ogaga True Warri Born

Even if no flexing today make e nor pain

cos next year ur guest go many like campaign

And d only drink we go pop go be champagne

Happy birthday boss


Happy Birthday Ogaga nothing does you

Who nor know you na im loss..

Make dem kpeme if dem wan kpeme

Make dem kolo if dem must kolo

Because your victory na sure matter

Na just Victory we pray for you and you wife

Today na your bornday So we say happy birthday Ogaga



Bornday comes with better victory

Bornday comes with greater life

Bornday comes with prayers answered

Oghene is involved for your birthday Ogaga

Happy Birthday Ogaga wen marry better Wife



ogaga n obaro


Happy Birthday to very own

Oghene Bless you and your fine wife

Happy Birthday #liveforever

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3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Ogaga Naosusu Celebrates You Warri Born

  1. Hej, szczerze polecam oferte biura projektowego Sztuka Ogrodowa z Warszawy. Bardzo podoba mi sie ich profesjonalizm.
    U mnie zrobili super robote i jestem bardzo zadowolony z rezultatu (moge podeslac kilka zdjec mojego ogrodu)
    link do ich strony:

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