Handling Your Relationship Problems

Common causes why relationship fail

Love is sweet, affectionate, tender, and love is life itself; there are not enough words to describe the sweet and passionate romance exhibited by those truly in love.
Why would people who once have had a great love life-life exhibit so much hate and disgust for themselves?
Handling relationship problems require a firm understanding of the little things that can cause a relationship to fail.
“Rain does not fall on one person’s roof alone” from ancient wisdom.
My point here is that all intimate relationships are bound to have their unique challenges or problems. Maturity and understanding are the ingredients needed to go through this momentary unfriendliness.
Be flexible enough to understand that these relationship issues can arise at any time even from partners who are passionately in love and it is no biggie when they do arise it is your response that makes all the difference
However, you need to understand what causes the relationship problem, so you can apply wisdom in handling the challenge from its root.
Couples and partners alike can play the blame card in an event when there is a crisis in the relationship or marriage, and it gets worse when no one is ready to take responsibility for the problem, remember that it takes two to form a couple and make the union work.
There are several reasons why relationships might fail but five fundamental causes have been highlighted in this article just for you.

• Lack of Communication

Communication is the heart of all relationships and the bedrock that makes marriages work.
Poor communication or the lack of communication has got serious implications in all relationships because a union without communication is already heading for the rocks.
Keep your communication levels high and your relationship will not fail.

• Lack Of Understanding

Lack of understanding in simple terms means that “we see things differently”, when this is the case then there cannot be total agreement. Two can only work together only when they agree.
Wisdom and experience will advise that during a heated argument, or conversation, when one party is getting infuriated with the topic of discussion, the other partner should learn to be patient and wait for the proper timing to buttress and address the issue causing the anger.
Treat each other as the partners that you are and not as that of a boss to a secretary. Understanding requires listening and patience value each other’s input and appreciate each other always. When you understand each other, you will be able to hold hands even an argument.
Learn to understand your partners’ temperament, likes, safe boundaries, and interest, etc.

• Lack Of Tolerance

Tolerance is the willingness or capacity to accommodate people and their behavioral patterns no matter what the circumstances or conditions are.
From the definition above of tolerance, there must be a willing heart to accommodate the anger, hate, conditions of your partner. As the popular saying, no one is perfect; so learn to see the good and appreciate the imperfection and weaknesses of your spouse or partner.
Let down your guard, reduce your expectations to the standards of your partner and learn to grow together.

• Wrong Company

Biblical wisdom puts it this way: Evil communication corrupts good manners.
In simple terms, watch the friends you keep and the company you hang around, your values and their values might not be the same and their input in your life probably is the poison that is causing the relationship to have problems.
Handling issues caused by the wrong company is simply making new friends with the same or better values than you have.
You could easily turn a blossoming relationship into a shadow of itself once you start hanging out with people who have characters that are not worth emulating.

• Lack Of Money

The love for money is the root of all evil. This is a proven fact, money actually brings out the best or worse in humans and care must be taken to handle money challenges.
The lack of money has caused several passionate unions and marriages to fail because issues that border around money has different effects on the relationship.
There are countless cases of broken marriages which were majorly caused by the lack of money. Maybe you are the materialistic type, or maybe you are not just accustomed to lack. Whatever it is, not to worry we will discuss how to make you a better partner.

In conclusion, these five points that have been highlighted above are the fundamental reasons why so many relationships do fail.
We listed the following:

1. Lack of communication
2. Lack of Understanding
3. Lack of Tolerance
4. Wrong Company
5. Lack of money

Nothing can be compared to the love and affection that is shared between lovers and if ever truly you have been in love, you will give anything away to stay in love.
Let the list above be pointers for you and act as guides that ensure that you are not losing grip of your partner.
Handling your relationship problem is both partners responsibility.


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