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My Warri City

Warri City

O Warri, Warri my city

An empire you should have been

Betrothed to uniqueness you have Carved a niche

Great tribes and a greater city

You birthed children and fed them with courage

Now fearlessness overflows through their veins

The same veins that the blood of oneness resides

Produced by destruction in the past

A future of unity is being constructed

Obstacles are now stepping stones

From your bowels flows the oil that lubricates the machine of progress

A lingua so encompassing it should be a franca

As interesting as that bird pigeon and we call it pidgin

Our great city has an anthem that we sing with pride

Its called hustle and so nobody takes us for a ride

For with rough palms and sweaty brows as weapons

we are in a constant battle with hunger and poverty

And so we have earned a new reputation

Not out of violence and oppression

But out of determination and hard work

we have become a brand sponsored by hustle

Certified by progress and success approved

We are A city among towns


Welcome to Warri


And a nation among cities

several pretenders but there is no other

My great city of Warri where wonders never cease to be

Your Sons and Daughters recognizes you as the mother of all cities

My great city of Warri


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