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Day 6 of Fifa World Cup Matches Played today

Russia 3:1 Egypt

Waff nation we hail una ooo… How the going… Hope the hustle firm wella.. Confam

I dey stroll for the area today again wen I com see one small child dey cry.. People com gather base on normal level.. Wetin happen? Dem kidnap you? You loss? You well?. D small boy com show us tso hands.. Fifty naira note dey each hand.. Ok wetin happen? Make i give una Russia update first


Finally finally Africa get breakthrough today in the form of senegal.. I tell una yesterday say na dem be our last hope and Terenga lions no disappoint us..

But as Senegal get hope to move forward Egypt don dey sure to return to Cairo next week… Japan kung fu and Tai chi take molest Columbia..For the three games played today No one end for draw. The first red card for the tournament show face today.Na two pena dem give today and dem score the two


Japan 2:1 Columbia

Japan 2:1 Columbia


Na Columbia be the favorite for this match but Japan change am for them… Sanchez of columbia com get the second quickest red card for world cup history after e use hand block kagawa shot wen wan enter goal.. Kagawa con score d pena before Columbia equalizewith free kick before half time. For second half columbia nor see ball play as japan con make use of the extra man..Na header from corner kick Japan use score their second goal and na so the game take end for 2-1


Senegal 2:1 Poland


senegal 2:1Poland


Na senegal be the only team with black coach for the world cup.. Poland claim say dem get the best Striker for the world Senegal get one of the fastest. If we go fit remember how Senegal shock France for 2002 world cup so e nor surprise many people as dem com beat Poland 2-1.Na dem com be the first African side to claim any point at all for this world cup nor to talk of three full points.. Terenga lions, una get bite die


Russia vs Egypt



Even with Salah the Pharoahs nor fit activate doings for the crucial match.. Na after Russia score three goals na Egypt com manage score pena.. Na so the game take end 3-1 and na so Egypt don dey book their return flight back to Cairo..


Back to our gist.. Wetin happen to the money.. The smallie com talk say dem send am message for house with the two separate fifty naira to buy egg and paracetamol..okay y u dey cry? .The krikpa com talk say e don forget which of the fifty naira e go use buy the egg and which one e go use buy the paracetamol..Everybody just weak..Me Personally I off.. Warri wetin we nor go hear for this Kingdom…Na later things o

Same time tomorrow we go bring una. Postmatch summary in langua.. Goodnight o. Those wen dey fly for night make una nor forget to use seatbelt abi na broombelt..confam


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