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Warri slangs and their meaning

Warri Pidgin English

Slangs And Meaning Warri Pidgin English Dictionary

June 28, 2018

  This is Warri Dictionary which is translated by Naosusucare the platform by which the blog operates. We have taken out time to bring you some of the most used Warri Pidgin English terms and have translated their meaning to give you an insight into what it feels like to be a Warri born or […]

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Warri Pidgin English Dictionary

The Warri Official Pidgin English Dictionary as Translated Naosusucare

June 16, 2018

Warri is known for its unique pidgin English and slangs. They are known by their mannerisms, great Fashion sense and are highly humorous which makes the warri pidgin English sellable. Here in this Pidgin Dictionary, We have highlighted a few slangs and their meaning so that you can flow with the warri brand. However, I […]

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The official Warri Pidgin English Dictionary Translated By Naosusucare

June 9, 2018

  Word:                                 Looseguard Meaning:                           Careless mistake, loss of focus, etc Synonym:                          F**kup, Mess up, etc   […]

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Warri Langua and Meaning

June 8, 2018

    Its funny how people laff when warri boys dey yarn as in relate when talking. Here we want to explain some of the terms and their meanings. These langua or terms are always evolving. So get on with the flow and watch out for more updates     Word Meaning Synonym As Used […]

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