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Emotional Spending

Emotional Spending and Saving and How it affects us

June 19, 2018

      Emotional spending or saving of money digs into our emotional state of mind and how it affects the way money spent or saved. Spending or Saving money is directly connected to our present state of mind and emotions play an important role. Money is either spent or saved and emotional spending or […]

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Fifa 2018

Warri Pidgin English Sports News of Fifa World Cup In Russia 2018 Match Day 4

June 17, 2018

Waff people.. waffarians una dey.. This na world cup post match update in our very own pidgin… Na three matches na dem play today.. Ma four goals the three matches produce and only one match end for draw. Serbia 1:0 Costa Rica       People nor too expect much from this match sha.. […]

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A Poem For Warri

June 12, 2018

  O great Warri City of my birth and youth. No other city compares to you and that’s the truth often portrayed as a land of brutes But we actually possess a heart that soothes It’s not a myth to say you are mentioned in awe For you were not the first to be created […]

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In You I See My Life Glow

June 7, 2018

In you I see my life glow Waking up in the morning time, And as I look out of my window to see and feel the warmth of your love, To behold and to experience true and the undiluted fragrance of your beauty, And as I basked in awe of your never failing, never-ending glory, […]

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