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Positives In Saying No

The Positives In Saying No And When To Say No

July 15, 2019

Positives in saying No? Are there positives in saying No? Because it feels like No has got No positives at all except in cases when a person who tested for HIV/AIDS gets a negative, funny right? In this article, we will carefully look at some key areas in our lives that the word NO must […]

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Answers To Teenage Curiosities About life

July 3, 2019

This article attempts to give Answers to Teenage Curiosity about life.
What they should know that would help them through different phases in their lives.

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forgiveness a core in secrets of successful family

Forgiveness A Core In Secrets Of Successful Family Series

June 22, 2019

Forgiveness A Core In Secrets Of Successful Family Series Todays’ article focuses on Forgiveness a core in secrets of successful family series because of the importance of the subject. People are bound to argue, will have misundersting and even quarrel when they stay together and love doesn’t stop people from taking a swipe at themselves. […]

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The Role of Respect in Secrets of successful Family Series

June 16, 2019

The role of respect in Secrets of successful family series has one main objective, to help families who are going through their unique challenges because all families do at one time.     It is quite popular to hear that there are no families without a challenge but it is also quite true to know […]

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Popular Warri Pidgin English Birthday Wishes And Messages

June 7, 2019

This article focuses on the popular Warri Pidgin English Birthday Wishes and messages to help you celebrate your day. It is quite unique and exhilarating to know that we can all use the most acceptable and most spoken language to express our deepest feelings without any language barriers to our loved ones as we celebrate […]

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focus for life

Focus a secret for daily living – Monday motivation

September 13, 2018

  Focus for daily living is one of the many secrets needed to continue at a task when it is not convenient because of the success you want at the end of the day. Focus for daily living is one of the active ingredients needed by anyone who which to live a purposed driven life. […]

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kids to write

How Do I Get My Kids To Write Stories

September 6, 2018

How do I get my kids to write stories? You may wonder if that is exactly possible, but truth is that you can get your kids to write stories if you guide them early enough. Teaching your kids to write stories at a very early age is one of the most precious gifts you can […]

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Self Reflection

Self Reflection For Daily Living – Monday Motivation

September 3, 2018

Self reflection is a very important aspect of our lives because it makes us vigilant and watchful ~ 1 peter 5:8 Monday Motivation is purely motivational in our blog because we have realized that people with great pay, great working conditions are mainly the ones looking to go to work on Monday mornings. It’s a […]

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Happy Birthday Ogaga

Happy Birthday Ogaga Naosusu Celebrates You Warri Born

July 9, 2018

Happy Birthday Ogaga   So We dey celebrate And Thank BaBa GOD for ur new age Happy Birthday Ogaga wen dey strong like Madiga Ur blessings u nor go fit use ordinary hand carry Because dey go many like Garri Ur life na blast   Happy Birthday Ogaga So u nor go ever carry last […]

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Warri City

My Warri City

June 19, 2018

O Warri, Warri my city An empire you should have been Betrothed to uniqueness you have Carved a niche Great tribes and a greater city You birthed children and fed them with courage Now fearlessness overflows through their veins The same veins that the blood of oneness resides Produced by destruction in the past A […]

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