www.naosusu.com is an Advert, Commerce and an Entertainment blog that takes a keen interest in the promotion of online awareness for SMEs, Startups, and Medium scale business.

naosusu.com is dynamic because one of the aims of the blog is to create a platform that connects individual businesses with their specific and unique client base by the creation of a common community and forum where different businesses can interact and connect with their customers via our different platforms through adverts, informative articles, and newsletters.

Naosusu.com takes seriously business and entertainment news in the south-south and in Nigeria at large but because we are a Warri based, we are passionate in promoting our local content (business and Entertainment in Warri) and are very much interested in showcasing the unique people, lifestyle, and culture to the rest of the world.

Naosusucare is the umbrella under which www.naosusu.com functions and this platform created for advert purposes for all types of businesses.

Also, we have the manpower, technical-knowhow, and creativity needed for video production (Music, Movie and paid advert).

Our Highly professional and innovative content creators use cutting-edge technology to create the unique and original advert that befits any professional organization, so contact us today if you need a video advert, graphic designs, Gif and six seconds adds.

Another goal behind the creation of this blog is to sensitize and get the regular owners of Micro and Small scale businesses (the local sales person with a shop on the side and those with formal offices) to maximize the vast opportunities offered by the internet and social media marketing.

www.naosusu.com is the bridge that connects advertisement and entertainment on one spot.

Tourists and internet surfers can find information about any place, buy goods and services, read biographies of prominent businessmen, entertainment personalities and connect with people with just a click on www.naosusu.com.

You get the rare opportunity to learn and understand firsthand the trending warri orijina (original) and the serious “langua” ( slangs as it is popularly called) in relating and narrating some real Warri stories to you. Be sure to hear real Warri Pidgin and their slangs (Langua).  This is your home even when you are far,  far away…

www.naosusu.com is one big house for business news and update, entertainment news (Fashion, Comedy, Drama, Short play, Video Skits, etc) health news, Christian news and just about every piece of information from and of people who has something connecting them with our vision (economy, entrepreneur, and entertainment). This blog will just be a one-stop shop for connecting with people to get your hair made, get your groceries,(buy freshly cut Ugu leaves, Okro, Fresh Pepper, Fresh Tomatoes, Better Isoko Garri, etc and delivered to your doorstep) make appointments (flight tickets, buy tickets for different shows, and hotel bookings), list of top schools around the country and also in schools in Warri both private and public with their addresses, etc, just about every piece of information about Warri and its environs.

Remember that Warri is the heartbeat of Nigeria and the main business hub of the Delta State.


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